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This is a brief overview of the main steps involved in a residential property purchase.

Initial Instructions

  • Upon receiving your instructions to act for you in your purchase we will ask you for payment to cover all necesary searches.
  • If you require a mortgage your lender will send us your formal offer and instructions to act for them because they also have a legal interest in the property.
  • We contact the seller's solicitor who send us a draft contract and all supporting documents for us to review.
  • We carry out all the necessary searches.
  • We raise enquiries with the seller's solicitor i.e. boundary responsibilities, fixtures and fittings, guarantees, building regulation approval, disputes, etc.
  • When all searches and enquiries have been completed we send you a full report .

Exchange of Contracts

  • If you wish to proceed, the next step is the legally binding exchange of contracts.  If you have a related sale the timings on exchange will mirror your purchase.
  • Before we can exchange contracts you are required to  transfer the full deposit  monies to us (minus any related sale deposit).  All parties involved agree a completion date (the moving day) and if you have a mortgage you must have insured the property.
  • You are now legally committed to purchase the property
  • We finalise the transaction carrying out any final searches to protect you and your mortgage company.
  • If you have a mortgage you sign the mortgage papers and we will give you a completion statement setting out the balance (if any) that must be transferred to us before we can complete the purchase. 


  • On the agreed completion date once all related sales and purchases in your chain have transferred the funds you are then the legal owner of the property, the keys are released usually by the estate agents.  Congratulations you own a new home.
  • After completion we receive the transfer and other relevant documents; pay any Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and register your ownership and any mortgage at the Land Registry.  The Title Information Document and any other relevant paperwork is sent to the mortgage company or you if there is no mortgage.

Customer reviews

Thanks to Sarita and Karen for all your help on this purchase.  Brilliant as always!  Many thanks.

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