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Staffing or Director issues, if poorly managed or unresolved, can have very expensive consequences and result in problems for the business. Employment law can be a minefield and applies to any size of business. Therefore, we suggest you contact us for advice as soon as a potential situation arises so that we can help minimise risk and hopefully avoid expensive disputes.

Companies not aware of, or who choose not to comply with their legal responsibilities are vulnerable to legal action which could result in substantial financial damages being awarded against the business and in some circumstances Directors or individuals personally.  Your business will also be impacted by the vast amount of management time that will be needed to resolve the legal issues.

Examples of the areas we advise on include:

  • Recruitment advertising, interviews, candidate selection and offer letters
  • Directors’ Service Agreements
  • Contracts of employment and staff handbook
  • Post termination restrictions, confidentiality and intellectual property deeds
  • Directors fiduciary duties
  • Handling disciplinaries and grievances
  • Managing misconduct dismissal, redundancy, poor performance, capability or ill health 
  • Maternity and flexible working
  • Retirement procedures
  • Termination/Settlement Agreements
  • Company restructures and relocations
  • Defending employment tribunal or civil court claims,
  • TUPE and other consultative measures
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Data protection