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We represent both businesses and individuals to resolve employment disputes. By acting for both employers and employees this gives us a balanced approach, allowing us to understand how the other party may be thinking and anticipate the advice they will be receiving.

This in turn, helps us to provide you with the very best, practical advice on how to proceed.

Employment law is a very complex field which is constantly changing, not least because of the impact of EU legislation as well as our own legislation, together with best practice guidance and case law resulting from court and tribunal decisions.

All potential claimants have to first use the ACAS conciliation process before taking any Tribunal claim and if the claim proceeds claimants will have to pay the Tribunal fees on commencement of the claim and a hearing fee if the claim does not settle. Although these fees are added to any award if the claim is successful, the general rule is that legal fees are not ordered against the losing party unless that party acted unreasonably or was vexatious in making or defending the claim.

Unless the dismissal is for an automatically unfair reason, employees have to be employed for not less than 2 years before they are eligible to make a claim for unfair dismissal.

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