All businesses have cultures and personalities that are as unique as the people employed in them. For our employment lawyers, getting under the skin of your business to fully understand what makes it tick is just as important as the pragmatic and commercial advice they give. We do not just want to be your lawyers, but an integrated part of your team regardless of what you require of us or however short our involvement.

We have in depth experience of every employment law related scenario and problem your business is ever likely to face. Led by the highly regarded Michael-Jon Andrews, the employment team have been successfully assisting businesses of all sizes with implementing their claims prevention strategies as well as resolving disputes if they arise.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any employment related issue, for example;

  • any aspect of the recruitment process including, compliant advertising, safe interviews and binding offer letters;
  • making sure your contracts of employment, service agreements and policies will do what they say on the tin and comply with the latest legal requirements e.g. GDPR;
  • ensuring those employees and Directors who you trust with your confidential information and business contacts cannot misuse that information and take your customers when they leave;
  • safely disciplining and dismissing employees who badly perform or misbehave;
  • how to comprehensively settle a potential or actual claim using a settlement agreement;
  • sensitively handling those employees who are suffering from illness and cannot regularly work their contracted hours or at all;
  • sensitively dealing with issues arising from an employees’ pregnancy, including handling flexible working requests on their return to work;
  • efficiently handling a redundancy, business closure programme or organisational restructure resulting in the abolition of posts and/or the creation of new roles;
  • the sale or purchase of a business or part of a business where employees are going to transfer to new owners;
  • engaging with consultants and ensuring they do not become employees and/or take business when the contract ends; or
  • your business is facing a tribunal claim or you need to pursue a former employee who has unlawfully approached your customers.


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