At Bonnetts we understand that a career is not just about earning money to pay the bills, however important that is likely to be. For many, it forms a significant part of their identity and place in the world. With so much emotional capital invested, the anxiety caused when change or upset occurs at work is inevitable and that is where the Bonnetts employment team can help. We have a proven track record of providing clients with confidence, advice and practical solutions to protect your interests and wellbeing.

We also know that you will be worried about hiring a solicitor when newspaper headlines about legal fees often read like telephone numbers. We do not pretend to be cheap, but in our experience the major cause of anxiety about fees comes from not knowing how much it is all going to cost at the outset and/or the chances of getting a favourable outcome. We therefore take great care to provide you with a realistic estimate and keep you updated. Where possible, we also make every effort to recover your legal costs from your employer or insurance company.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any employment related issue, for example;

  • a proposal to end your employment under a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) in exchange for a compensation payment;
  • allegations of wrongdoing or poor performance;
  • your post has been put at risk of or selected for redundancy;
  • mistreatment or bullying by your boss or colleagues;
  • not being paid your correct salary, bonus, commission or holiday pay;
  • an announcement that the business or part of the business in which you work is to be sold or transferred to new owners.
  • having a change to the terms of your contract imposed upon you, for example, changing your place of work, job role, benefits or pay arrangements;
  • threats to discipline or dismiss you because you have had to take time off due to injury or illness, caring responsibilities or any other circumstances beyond your control;
  • problems arising from your pregnancy, for example, allegations of poor performance, pregnancy related illness, redundancy while on maternity leave or an application for part time work;
  • you have been presented with an opportunity to work for (or you are already working for) a new employer operating in the same industry with the same or similar clients as your current employer, and there is a term in your contract of employment purporting to prohibit you from taking that new job or from talking to those same customers;
  • taking your claim to the Employment Tribunal or defending a claim brought against you by your former employer in Court.

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Established in 1929, our firm has built its reputation on providing clear, no- nonsense advice at an affordable price. We act for locally and nationally based clients in the context of both personal and business law.