Over the years, Joint Venture Agreements have proven time-and-again to be worthwhile and fruitful for firms up-and-down the country. It is here that you can tap into resources and expertise of like-minded companies, and this can pay dividends for all of the parties that are involved. However, before getting ahead of yourself, it is important that you recognise the factors that must be taken into account during the drafting stage. Here to provide you with a little insight in regards to what these are, are the Bonnetts Solicitors representatives.

Total Time

When you are initially setting out, the chances are that both you and the other firm have an idea as to how long you would like the course of the arrangement to run. In order for things to proceed in a smooth-and-seamless fashion, it is imperative that you are on the same page about this – the best way in which to make this a reality is to put a timeframe on the agreement. In due course, you may decide to agree upon an extension; if not, then you can always aim for the deadline which was previously agreed upon.

Room For Flexibility

Initially, you will likely have an idea in your mind as to how you see the Joint Venture Agreement progressing; in most circumstances, this course of action has been pursued because of a common goal. However, it is impossible to predict, with total accuracy, how things will pan out. Therefore, in the contract, you should include flexible clauses that come into play in relation to certain events. This level of planning is guaranteed to save you stress and hassle in the months to come, and you will thank yourself for being proactive.

Task Assignment

Due to the conflicting nature of the parties involved, it is vital that you look to clarify, early on, who is responsible for what tasks. Failure to do so can have a severe impact on productivity, and can lead to time being wasted in abundance. If you would like to ensure that this does not come to pass, we suggest that you take the time to sit down and have an open-and-frank discussion about your strengths and weaknesses. Doing this can help your project to proceed as planned, and provide you with an outcome that is satisfactory.

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